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RenGuard Help

The best place for support for RenGuard is our online support channel in IRC. If you have mIRC, connect to the n00bstories IRC network at irc.n00bstories.com, channel #renguard_support.

If you don't have mIRC, you can type http://www.n00bstories.com/irc.php into your browser and use our handy java applet to connect to the RenGuard Support channel.


Welcome to RenGuard, a product of Blackhand Studios.
Who is Blackhand Studios? Blackhand Studios, and all its subsidaries, is a legally registered non-profit corporation, dedicated to the support of C&C games, to include: C&C Gold, C&C Red Alert, C&C Red Alert 2, C&C Tiberian Sun, C&C Renegade, and the corresponding expansion packs.


Please be sure you're using the latest version of C&C Renegade (1.037). Also, it is recommended that you install any no-CD patches before attempting to install RenGuard.

Extract the setup.exe from the archive and run it, the installer will do the rest.

Q & A

Q. What is RenGuard?
A. RenGuard is an anti-cheat system for C&C:Renegade. It is a complex client/server application similar to the "PunkBuster" system seen in many other online games.

Q. What cheats does RenGuard stop? Does it stop Final Renegade? Does it stop "bones" and bighead cheats?
A. RenGuard blocks the usage of Final Renegade, bones.ini, bigheads, wallhacks, and other cheats.

Q. What about modified textures ("skins")?
A. RenGuard normally does not block the usage of modified model textures, You will receive a notification if any modified textures are found, but you will still be able to play on servers that do not have PureMode turned on. If you have a modification in the form of a .w3d file such as a different weapon, you must contact the RenGuard team to have it analyzed and added to the database before it will be allowed.

Q. Whats this "Pure Mode"?
A. Pure mode is a Renguard SSC (Server Side Client) setting that can be turned on at the discretion of the server administrator. When Pure Mode is on, clients with modified game files (specifically textures) will not be able to play. Pure Mode is meant for Tournament play, to make sure that everyone has the same default Renegade files and thus no unfair advantages like neon glowing C4/stealth/beacon textures.

Q. What operating systems does RenGuard work on?
A. The Renguard SSC runs on both Linux for the LFDS and Windows for the WFDS.

Q. How do I use RenGuard on my server?
A. If you use BRenBot (which works on both Linux and Windows), we have released a new version that not only has some bugfixes, but also includes RenGuard support. For those using other regulation software we have also released a stand-alone SSC for Linux and Windows.

Q. OMG my firewall says that GAME.EXE has changed?! OMG GAME.EXE is trying to connect to the internet on port ####!!!
A. This is NORMAL. When RenGuard installs, it renames game.exe to game2.exe. This allows all your normal shortcuts that start Renegade to start RenGuard The RenGuard client has to connect to the RenGuard network to get and display the Community MOTD, and log you into the system. Do not worry. RenGuard is here to protect, not do harm.


1. Active scanning for known and unknown cheat files, as well as unauthorized textures (PureMode).

2. Autolaunch feature to seamlessly load Renegade for you. RenGuard minimizes itself to the system tray.

3. Community MOTD (Message Of The Day). RenGuard news and announcements will be displayed in the client, as well as links to help files, forums, etc. This information is dynamic and will be updated fairly often.

4. Multilingual support. The MOTD is translated into various languages by a team of volunteers. Users have the choice to select their default language for the MOTD.

5. Auto-update ability. RenGuard can be easily updated by the RenGuard staff. This means if a new cheat comes out, or a bug that we missed is reported, we can push out an update and the RG client will automatically update itself!

PLANNED FEATURES (Either planned to be done by release, or next major update)
1. Server MOTDs
Server owner can design their own mini HTML page that is displayed to players when they connect. This page can contain anything from server news to logos and URLS.

2. Client localization
RenGuard client buttons and controls displayed in the same chosen default language as the MOTD.

3. Map Notifications and Autodownloads
RenGuard will warn you that the server you are connecting to has maps in its rotation that you do not have installed. Options to automatically download and install missing maps may be added.

4. Security enhancements. Although Renguard is very complex and secure from most tampering methods, we allready have more improvements planned. We could delay the release until RenGuard is "perfect", but the current protection should stop most if not all current cheating...we want it to stay that way and will keep updating the client as necessary.


Use Renegade just like you are used to. Launch Renegade though your shortcuts to play on WOL, and launch Gamespy Arcade or The All Seeing Eye to launch GSA games. RenGuard will pop up first. You have the ability to read our community motd, and you click on "Renegade" to launch the game. You can change the language of the Community MOTD in the "Options" screen.

1. RenGuard will only run if the executable is in your Renegade directory.

2. RenGuard utilizes TCP connections for such things as downloading the Community and Server MOTDs, logging into the RenGuard Network, etc. If you have sensitive firewall software it will surely complain that both game.exe has changed and that it is trying to connect to the internet. THIS IS NORMAL. Choose whatever options for your particular firewall software to allow game.exe to communicate with the internet.

3. If you have trouble, suggestions, comments, please visit the RenGuard website at http://www.renguard.com. There you will find links to the forums as well as information about the RenGuard System.

4. Select the option to autostart Renegade, and RenGuard will become mostly transparent. It will stay minimized in the system tray unless the Community MOTD is updated, at which time it is forced to a window so you will notice it.

5. People who use brenbot nick authorization. RenGuard has an option to automatically forward your wol/gsa name authorization to brenbot, so your nick is automatically protected.

6. RenGuard currently does not detect the ingame change of the WOL Nickname. Please restart RenGuard (and Renegade) if you do wish to change your WOL nickname.