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BlackHand Studios, creators of RenGuard, are asking for your help in expanding the RenGuard network. For those who don't know, RenGuard operates over a network of dedicated servers. At this point, BlackHand Studios members are paying all the cost for these servers, but at the rate we're growing, another server or two would definitely be nice and improve the stability of the network.

To that end, we are asking for donations to help support the servers we rent for the RenGuard network. The costs amount to hundreds of dollars per month, but any amount you can spare would be an enormous help.

BlackHand Studios is also pursuing non-profit in addition to our corporate status, so if we manage to be approved for that, your donations will be tax deductable.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the master server software, we are unable to accept offers for space on a server you already have.

For donations through snail mail, please email Crimson through this link and get a mailing address.

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