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Frequently Asked Questions about RenGuard

RenGuard Troubleshooting

How do I get RenGuard to work with All-Seeing Eye?
In order for ASE to work properly with RenGuard, you must do the following:
  • Open Up ASE
  • Goto Filter->Configure Games
  • Expand Installed Games (click on + button)
  • Change renegade.exe to game.exe in the Program Location Text Box.
  • Click OK.
    Now, the game should launch properly from there.
    (Thanks to Dante for this fix!)

    Also... You need to set your name in ASE by going to F2 -> Options -> Renegade -> Name.

    I'm getting the message: "RenGuard is already loaded, unload it and try again"
    RenGuard minimizes itself to your System Tray (where your clock is) when you start playing Renegade. Look for the Renegade "R" icon in your tray and click it to bring RenGuard back to the front. If you play on GameSpy, you must close RenGuard before selecting a new server from the server list.

    I'm getting the message: "RenGuard is not installed correctly, re-install it"
    This error message means that your copy of RenGuard is not called "game.exe". A proper installation of RenGuard involves RenGuard being called "game.exe", and Renegade's "game.exe" should be renamed to "game2.exe". The installer should take care of this for you.

    I'm getting the message: "Error verifying startup parameters"
    You may get this error if you have Renegade installed on a drive other than C or over a network drive not physically located in your machine. If you can't figure this one out, please join our Support Chat (link on the left).

    I'm getting the message: "CRC Mismatch Error"
    This error message means that game.exe and game2.exe are the same file. This may happen if you try to install with the installer and the safe installer. You may need to reinstall Renegade to replace the now-missing game.exe.

    I'm getting the message "Renegade Not Found"
    This message means that RenGuard was unable to locate game2.exe. Perhaps you installed RenGuard in the wrong location, or you moved the "game.exe" file to another location.

    Why am I having problems with this?
    Please understand that in order for RenGuard to be effective at stopping players from cheating, it has to monitor several processes on your computer. Though we test RenGuard updates on several PCs, sometimes your computer has something that causes a problem that no computer in our test group had. We are very interested in working with you to make sure RenGuard works for you, so please utilize our live Support Chat to speak directly with the developers of RenGuard.

    RenGuard Concept

    How is RenGuard supposed to stop cheating?
    The client-side of the application is a small executable that maintains a low-bandwidth connection to a master server which validates any mods or add-ons you want to use with Renegade. The RenGuard client scans all add-ons in your Data directory and reports back a unique number that identifies the file you're using. This is reported to the master server and your attempt to connect to the Renegade server is either accepted or rejected.

    But what if I try and trick RenGuard?
    We've brainstrormed several ways a user might want to trick the master server to allow them to play while still using cheats, and we've covered dozens of scenarios. Of course if something slips through the cracks we'll be able to easily patch the client against it.

    I saw Crimson on the staff for RenGuard, but isn't she the one who released the cheats?
    No. Her name attached to those cheats is an attack on her reputation. She had nothing to do with their release.

    What other plans do you have for RenGuard after you stop the cheats?
    Having all gamers connecting with RenGuard allows us a way to communicate to the community as a whole that we don't currently have through WOL. There are several possibilities in store, most of which depend on the community's reaction to RenGuard and how it's used, but they include, more detailed server listings, map pushes, and community news.

    Great job! Who is involved in this project?
    Check out the Staff page to see the world-class team assembled to make RenGuard a reality!

    Team Links: n00bstories | BRenBot
    RenGuard makes use of the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm.
    Copyright (C) 1990, RSA Data Security, Inc. All rights reserved.
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