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Blackhand Studios Staff


mac - mac is the lead for the RenGuard project. The name, the protocol, the concept, all came from him. He's also programming the server-side of the application and is half of the BRenBot development team.

Crimson - Crimson manages the content, design, and functionality of the website and the web-based content within the RenGuard client. She also provides most of the financial support for the RenGuard servers and websites and helps to keep the network online.

Blazer - Blazer is the creator of BRenBot, but don't hold that against him. Blazer also used his Photoshop skills to produce the logo for this site, and helps to keep the network online.

*Scorpio9a - Scorpio9a has done a lot of work with the Renegade engine. Now he's lent his expertise to the RenGuard project's talent as a client coder.

jonwil - jonwil has produced a lot of custom scripts for upgrades to scripts.dll. Of course that only covers a small part of his knowledge of the game and its engine. jonwil is also responsible for the client-side application.

Silent Kane - Silent Kane lends his expertise towards several BHS projects, including RenGuard client application development.

*Minax71 - Minax71 is the sole creator of RenHawk, which is currently in development. RenHawk will provide top-down view of your games.

*v00d00 - v00d00 is our Security Consultant. He's a highly proficient programmer who assists the team with RenGuard programming, especially in relation to security. He's spent a lot of time on RenGuard's client application.

*djlaptop - djlaptop has created several applications for Renegade, including RenStat and WOLSpy. He's also a professional radio DJ, and has created various sound bytes including the well-known "I DESLIKE YOU" dramatic reading. For RenGuard, djlaptop is in the process of creating the SSC - standalone server client, which all non-BR users will be able to use in order to secure their servers. He also creates any sounds that we need, such as the "connected to RenGuard protected server" message.

*Laeubi - Laeubi has been involved in map making for Renegade for years. Now he contributes his knowledge of the engine to Blackhand Studios as the official level editor.

*Codewench - Codewench is a former programmer for Westwood who's providing what input he can provide within the scope of his NDA to make RenGuard as effective as possible.

*[D|F|C]-Tomten - Tomten's help has been greatly valued in locating and compiling publically released mods, skins, and reticles to help put together the initial approved list of skins and mods.

*Dante - Dante was well-known in the community as the programmer for BlazeRegulator. His input has been very valuable in covering the functionality and operation of the client application.

The RenGuard team would also like to thank all the server owners in the community. Thank you for your patience with these cheaters while RenGuard is in development, and thank you for providing a place for gamers to play this game that's got us so hooked. We'd also like to thank the gamers who play legitimately for their patience and cooperation in getting through this rough spot in Renegade history. We got through the beacon/leave exploit, we'll get past the cheaters, too.

* = Past/inactive team member

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RenGuard makes use of the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm.
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